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Explore the Power of Enterprise Quality Control Delivered Through the Simplicity of Use and Design.

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

At AQS, with our innovative and insightful technology, we strive to enhance our users’ every day experiences through the power of simplicity in design and use. AQS has been conceived of and designed by actual administrators, radiology technologists and physicists based on the real-world need, and our solutions deliver complex data and information in a simple yet powerful user experience.

In order to provide simple and effective user experience, we dedicate time and resources to research the market needs and examine our users’ habits and motives. This drives our passion for design elegance to deliver a simple yet powerful user experience. Experience the simple power of Automated QC at the push of a button. Get in touch to learn more and request a Demo.

The power of elegant and simple design allows AQS to deliver;


The AQS solution uses sophisticated pattern recognition algorithms and image analysis to quickly analyze the radiology QC images and calculate all the required values for Vendor, ACR and TJC compliant tests. The test results, the images, any comments or uploaded documents, are all kept by the system for use as required for accreditation reporting. Saving hours of clinical time, every week, every month and annually on each modality - all with the push of a button. To see the simplicity of the solution in action request a demo.


The AQS solution provides for a centralized enterprise wide consistent approach to quality control management for all your imaging departments replacing your current manual processes. The powerful and simple AQS dashboard provides you with real-time immediate actionable information about the status of your entire QC operations at a glance.


Through innovative data driven insights, the AQS system will help reduce your scanners unscheduled downtime, saving you tens of thousands of dollars annually.

Our predictive failure modules are able to provide you with advanced notice typically measured in days to weeks as to when your CT devices may exhibit tube failure. This pre-emptive warning and notification allows you to schedule maintenance rather that deal with an unexpected downtime and resulting problems this may cause.

AQS is transforming the value that QC brings by developing image analytics and data driven insights that go far beyond anything currently available, helping reduce scanner downtime and extend the life of assets.

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